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  • 2 years ago

Today I am going to talk about what I call the “second level of self-awareness.” It’s when we’re aware of what we are doing or thinking, but we aren’t quite sure if it is the right thing.

In this case we are aware that we are doing something, but we are not sure if it is the right thing. That is when we make a decision on not doing it. This is called the second self-awareness level.

Like I said, the habit of making decisions that seem like the right ones can make us feel bad, but often we are not aware of the self-awareness level we are on. We just decide to do it anyway. If we make a mistake, or if we are not fully aware of the consequences or a result, it can feel like we are doing something that is not the right thing.

Maybe you should consider re-reading the book “The Self-Awareness Book” by Christopher McDougall.

McDougall’s book goes into some great detail about the difference between being fully aware of your actions versus being aware of your actions and then just making a decision without thinking about it, or making a decision and then thinking about it again. This is what we call the third self-awareness level, and it is often the stage that is most difficult to enter.

The level of awareness that is required to enter this stage is something called “third-self awareness.

This is what we call the first self-awareness level, the stage at which we have no control over our actions and no awareness of what has happened.

This is the stage where the majority of our thoughts and actions occur, where our minds are so occupied with making the decision that we don’t even have time to think about it. For this and many other reasons, we’re drawn to online forums like

But it’s not just online that this stage is found. In many of the same online forums where you can find people who are stuck in this second self-awareness stage are also found people who’ve hit a plateau and are stuck. The reason is self-awareness is a state of mind that we don’t need, but we do need to recognize the first time we enter it.

In this way, we can see that the two stages of self-awareness are not separate but interrelated. If a person is stuck in one and is unable to see the other side, they are stuck in this second state of mind. As they are unable to recognize that they are stuck, it is nearly impossible to get them out of this state of mind. And for those who find themselves stuck, I recommend that you start off by doing something about it.

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