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7 Netflix Shows Everyone Should Watch

Being bored and searching for a show to watch on Netflix, you can’t find anything you like, or perhaps you have binge-watched all your favorites. That’s the scenario every other person goes through; however, with Netflix, you’ll never be at a loss for entertaining programs to watch because there are many must see Netflix series you probably haven’t heard about. 

The online streaming service offers an extensive collection of current and older television programs. New episodes of existing series are added to Netflix each month, so the library is continuously updated. We review the complete collection each week to make your selection as simple as possible, and we refresh this list of the must see series on Netflix available for you to watch.

What Netflix series I should watch?

1. The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy is Netflix’s very own unique take on the superhero genre, and it’s based on the comic books written by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance and drawn by Gabriel Bá.

Following the birth of 43 kids to mothers who exhibited no indications of pregnancy, millionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopts seven children and raises them, intending to harness their special abilities to rescue the world. 

After becoming distant from one another, the family is brought back together when their father passes away. They are compelled to come to terms with their history and the danger waiting for them in the future.

2. God’s Favorite Idiot

Ben Falcone is the creator of this must see series on Netflix. The series’ cast is Ben Falcone, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Bibb, and Kevin Dunn. Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy are partners in successful films such as Bridesmaids and Spy. Their most recent collaboration, God’s Favorite Idiot, demonstrates that the husband-and-wife team is a formula for success and laughter. During the play, a timid tech support worker is hit by lightning, an occurrence that charges him with the mission of stopping the end of the world and becoming God’s messenger. 

3. Into the Night

Like many other must see Netflix series, this one was adapted from a book. In this particular instance, the Polish science fiction book The Old Axolotl by Jacek Dukaj is adapted for your television screen. Like that of Snowpiercer, Into the Night is set in a post-apocalyptic world, although this time, the action takes place on a location rather than on a train.

This program is the first Belgian original series produced by Netflix, and it contains a wide variety of languages, including French, Polish, Turkish, Italian, and many more. Jan Bijvoet, Pauline Etienne, and Laurent Capelluto are the three main cast members of the programme.

4. Squid Game

If you want to know what is hot on Netflix? Then Squid game is the answer to it. The squid Game is one of the recent most significant cultural phenomena. When it was first made available to the public in the autumn of 2021, it broke records left and right. The plot of the South Korean television series is about a group of 456 people who put their lives in danger by competing in children’s activities to earn significant money. What’s the catch?

A destructive element has been added to the games, and only the victor will be allowed to leave the arena unscathed. Both the game’s widespread appeal and its critical accolades are well deserved. Not only does it include a lot of sharp, adventurous writing and superb performances, but the social commentary it gives on class and society is also quite searing and contemporary.

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5. Space Force

While The Office US may have ended, we have found the show to watch on Netflix causes mayhem—this time, and it’s the Space Force. In this Netflix original created by Greg Daniels (the brains behind The Office US), Steve Carell assumes leadership as the first Chief of Space Operations as General Mark Naird. Even though there are now two seasons, the program is worth watching. The program stars Steve Carell, John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Jimmy O. Yang, and Lisa Kudrow.

6. Love, Death & Robots

Like most (if not all) anthologies, Adult CG animation anthology Love, Death, and Robots features episodes of varying quality, but as a whole, the program has a lot to offer. This must see Netflix series’ concepts range widely from humor to horror to action to drama, with a sinister undertone at its core. 

7. First Kill

Vampires have long been a staple of adolescent fiction, from Buffy to Twilight to The Vampire Diaries, and First Kill pays homage to the genre with some clever revisions. Despite being adversaries by fate, they end up falling in love, complicating everything. The two characters have great chemistry and are both campy and sincere, offering audiences a sapphic love tale to die for.

What’s most watched on Netflix?

According to the ratings and views, the squid game show topped the series in 2021.

If you can’t view any of the shows in your region, get VPN to allow you access to the must see series on Netflix. If you have your personal favorite, let us know in the comments.

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