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Advantages of React PWA

React PWA

Today, the approach to business has changed considerably. After all, you are now reading material that is inextricably linked to the development and promotion of a web product. It’s not a secret that any kind of selling is increasingly creeping into the online environment. Even representatives of the medical, as well as financial spheres provide their services through the internet. 

Hovewer, the move to the online sphere has many specific requirements. One of them is the condition of mobility, as this bar is constantly being raised. This is where apps come to the rescue of any business, because they can always be close to the consumer. Today, we’ll take a brief look at progressive web apps and their benefits. For more information from leading experts on react pwa click here. 

What Are PWAs?

A progressive web application is a simplified version which transmits certain features of a mobile application. The main difference between this web product and the usual applications is their ability to buy compatibility. Now there is no need to produce several separate products for each operating system. Also, this type of application does not touch the operating system in the same way that the classic versions do. On the one hand this is an advantage. The memory of the device remains untouched in this case. But there is another side of the coin. PWA has a limited list of possibilities. It should be understood that you should prioritize the creation of one or another type of application based on the specific to your company features .  

For What Are PWAs Good For? 

Before we start talking about the benefits of this web-based product, it’s worthwhile to understand the types of situations in which it may be useful. So the answer is pretty straightforward: if you need to increase website traffic, or make access to faster purchases, then PWA is your must-have thing. The most common use of this methodology is for companies that are in the service business. This can be restaurant businesses, delivery services, online shops, fitness clubs, and even car services. A lot of this kind of application format is already in use today. For example, you tell your thoughts on Twitter, get around town with an Uber, text a loved one on Telegram, order a Starbucks coffee delivery, and buy those “cute slippers” on AliExpress.

PWA Benefits 

So, after a brief outline of the methodology, it’s worth talking about the real benefits of implementing it in business. Let’s get started:

  • The first quite significant advantage of this type of application is its autonomy. This means that it is possible to use the resource with a poor or non-existent Internet connection. This is very useful for companies that sell something by displaying a catalogue. A person can rummage through them, and pack what they like into a shopping cart, regardless of the circumstances. Later, once an adequate internet connection is available, the order can be placed. 
  • The second advantage is speed. It is no secret that competition in the market is huge, and instead of waiting for a response from an app, a person will go to another faster one. The trick is that PWAs consist of JavaScript files that run without affecting the main thread in the browser. This is the reason why there is a competitive speed-up. 
  • PWAs do not need to be downloaded. This means you no longer have to travel to app shops. You can simply use your browser. In addition, with this methodology, all updates are easy and straightforward and do not require manual installation. 
  • Earlier we talked about the high adaptability of PWAs and this is true. The apps in this format are on your home screen and can send notifications, at the same time, they look great in full screen mode, detect your geolocation with ease and much more. 
  • Best of all, since the app is the same for all systems, you don’t have to pay for multiple versions. Since all updates are implemented automatically, the developers don’t have to handle multiple user requests, which saves time as well. 
  • The last thing worth mentioning is memory usage. Here’s an example: the same Tinder (a resource for finding a soulmate) uses up to 3 megabytes of memory, while its Android counterparts can weigh up to 30 megabytes. 


Progressive web apps are a new milestone in the world of web products. Even if you don’t see them as useful for your business at the moment, that doesn’t mean things won’t change tomorrow. In case you have a problem with customer traffic, it’s worth taking a closer look at the benefits of PWAs. In addition, since the methodology is relatively new, you should entrust the work to an experienced team of professionals. 

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