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Benefits Of Using AWS

Cloud computing is the most useful and in-demand tool in the information technology landscape. This helps us save and back up all the necessary documents we may need. Every user whether personal, work, government, or any organization big or small is making use of transferring applications, documents, and more data stored in the cloud. Thus, cloud computing professionals are also in high demand. Good thing we have AWS!

What is AWS?

AWS or Amazon Web Services provides cloud computing platforms and APIs to individual users, companies, and governments. It is a pay-as-you-go program that provides different computer software services. Big companies often use AWS in order to secure their database storage, compute expenses and profits, ensure the scalability of operations, and many other resources. If you plan to avail yourself of such extraordinary services, keep reading to have a heads-up on what you are about to spend.

Benefits of using AWS

  1. Unlimited Cloud usage – This is the most useful tool used in cloud computing. It is believed that nothing can be done with clouds. AWS offers everything from hosting a small website to running a full-functioned data center. Almost every company big or small uses AWS cloud for different and useful purposes.  
  2. Your subscription is worth every penny – Are you worried whether your AWS subscription may be a scam or may not be what you expect it to be? AWS subscription is really not a problem. This cloud service allows a user to have everything they want to access without the fear of limited premium use. AWS Free Tier has a lot of benefits for a user to try!
  3. Free Trial before subscription – For an introduction to your subscription, AWS allows a user to have a first-hand experience before paying a full subscription (but, of course, the service may be limited compared to a full subscription). 
  4. Good thing for a resume – An AWS subscription in your resume will probably be your first positive impression of the hiring manager. Though it cannot guarantee your position in a job, it will definitely help your resume push through barriers.
  5. Employers also get benefits – If you are employed at a big company that uses AWS, its benefits also relate to you, as an employee. AWS offers many benefits in your subscription, including access to various resources and training to provide better services and support to clients.

How do you get an AWS account?

If you are new to AWS, you may ask “how do I sign up for one?” Well, to be enlightened follow these steps.

  • Signing up using your email address
  1. Open the Amazon Web Services (AWS) website
  2. Choose to Create an AWS Account
  3. Enter account information
  4. Choose personal or professional
  5. Enter company or personal information
  6. Enter your email address
  7. Verify email address
  8. Read and accept the AWS Customer Agreement
  9. Sign in

Creating an AWS is free and available to all customers – students, entrepreneurs, small or big businesses, and more. 

Why should you avail AWS?

AWS enables you to select the operating system, programming language, web application platform, data backup, and many other services you may need. With the help of AWS, you receive all the virtual aid you require. It allows you to receive a virtual environment that lets you work on your stuff with all the help you can get.


Overall, using AWS benefits us as a user and aids our work in our business. We may not know it but AWS allows a user to have a lot of beneficial attributes this cloud software could offer. 

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