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Different Ways to Become a Critical Reader

Reading is a very helpful way of improving your knowledge, enhancing your mental abilities, and improving your emotional intelligence. This also applies to people who read to relax, for pleasure, and entertainment. One of the reasons that critical reading can be beneficial for you is that when you critically read something. When critically reading your text, you engage yourself in some kind of language analysis and examine the text, get more ideas, and know about the theme of the book or the store.

Critical reading requires a higher level of involvement from the reader than reactional/casual reading. Readers are supposed to apply different practices and theories, raise questions and get better comprehension and more clarity as a result. Also, they should have an open mind, read at a slower pace than usual, take notes, etc. 

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Keep Yourself Organized

This is a universal piece of advice for people who want to achieve their goals. For critical readers, discipline is an important attribute and their different ways to develop healthy reading habits. For instance, you can use different apps to set a reading schedule so that you can customize things according to your needs. 

You can set different times for yourself every day. Not only this, users can get notified whenever it is time for their reading session so that they do not miss their reading time. This is how you can develop healthy habits and stay consistent. 

Try Not to Read before Bedtime

Active and critical readers do not read before going to bed. Though reading before bedtime has certain benefits for critical readers, this makes achieving their goals a bit of a complex process. Critical reading before bed means that you should not read when you are too tired or cannot analyze the text properly or the thinking process will not let you fall asleep quickly. A good way to solve this problem is to schedule the right time for yourself every day. 


Taking notes is an essential part of the critical reading process. You can do this by underlining a key phrase or a word, adding your idea about the text, or highlighting words that express the essence of a particular paragraph. All of this can make annotating a critical part of the process. 

Luckily, almost all the apps that can help you keep your research in place, and present your creative writing and reading work in a better way can get this done for you using just a few taps. This means that you do not have to worry about taking notes, remembering key points of a chapter, and organizing them according to your needs. 

Understand the Context of Your Book

Understanding the text you are reading can become easier if you have an idea about the writer, the time when the book was written, etc. Critical readers not only have an idea about the book they are reading but also the place and era it was written. 

This gives them an idea about the author’s thoughts and views about the world around them and their knowledge of the book’s subject. This can also help get more information and insights about the different aspects of the book as well as learn some new words. 

Present Your Ideas and Thought

All of the above efforts are pointless if you cannot present your ideas and thoughts on the book you just read. This is why you should reflect and maintain notes about part of the book you have just read in your reading session. 


In the end, one can say that there are so many ways you can successfully become a critical reader. Critical reading requires you to go through a systematic process and pay more attention to the text one is reading. This makes it different from the casual reading session. Besides this, you can use different tools and apps to help yourself become a critical reader if you love to read eBooks and even hardback books.

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