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How Can You Make the Perfect Step and Repeat Banner for Your Business?

In the modern world where everyone loves to capture photos and upload them on their social media profiles, if you want to do something out of the box, consider using a high-quality step and repeat banner while promoting your business in the upcoming trade show. Also known as a press wall, the step and repeat banners are one of the best backdrops that can be used as a photography background at promotional or other types of events. The step and repeat banners feature a pattern of repetitive logos, event names, and emblems. The step and repeat banners will prove to be one of the most-effective marketing investments for your company, as you can reuse them again and again, 

While using a step and repeat banner might seem exciting, keep in mind that the design process of these banners is both time-consuming and daunting. Here are some great steps to design the perfect step and repeat banners. 

Consider the Size 

The size is an important factor you need to consider while designing the step and repeat banners. Make sure you always pay attention to the size of the event as well as the number of guests. This way you can choose step and repeat banners that are perfect as per the event. As they are dependent on visuals, choosing an irrelevant size for the step and repeat banners might look irrelevant for your company and the event. 

Don’t forget to consider the height too. If a tall person tries to take photos in front of your step and repeat banners and finds out then the banner is too small, they won’t be pleased. They might not capture photos at all and you will end up losing great marketing opportunities. 

Consider the Number of Logos

The logos are one of the most important things you need to include in a step and repeat banner. But do you know what’s more important? It’s deciding the number of logos. Once you come up with the perfect size for the step and repeat banner, make sure you decide how many of your company’s logos you’re going to print on them. As per Forbes, a brand logo acts as a commitment to potential customers. Since the primary objective of the step and repeat banners is to develop brand identity, ensure that the logos you’re using are legible as well as relevant enough to be photographed. 

Make sure you don’t use more than different types of logos so that your message remains legible and the design remains clear. Using too many logos will cause visual clutter. 

Pay Close Attention to the Colors

This is another important design element you should use for your step and repeat banners. You need to ensure you’re using a colorful design palate so that the banner can capture the attention of the customers. Not to mention, the colors you choose will also play an important role in encouraging the attendees to take a picture in front of the step and repeat banners. 

Does your company have any specific brand color? Make sure you use it on your step and repeat banners so that your customers can identify your brand easily. 


These are the step and repeat banner designing tips you need to remember. Make sure you contact us if you want to purchase a step and repeat banner. 

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