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How to use article marketing to improve SEO


Writing and distributing articles across a range of sources is part of the practice of article marketing.

Usually, the purpose of these articles is to market the author’s company or website by generating backlinks, establishing authority, and increasing visibility.

SEO Benefits of Article Marketing

The process of online marketing entails producing worthwhile, educational material that users may read online.

In the article marketing, users are led to the top-ranking web sites and blog posts relating to a certain topic when they conduct searches for that topic (often within Google).

SEO Advantages of Article Promotion

When it comes to SEO marketing, article marketing has a number of advantages, including: 

• Making it possible for your website to rank for a wider variety of keywords.

• Increasing the legitimacy and dependability of your website.

• Attracting more search engine organic traffic.

• Generating subscribers or consumers from users.

• Giving users the chance to rank in image or video searches.

• Using internal links to point authority at other pages on your website.

• Getting reputable websites and blogs to link to your website.

Multi-channel article marketing’s advantages

The best method to get the most “bang for your buck” with article marketing is to use multiple channels.

In light of this, the following are some advantages of article marketing on other platforms:

• On social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, you may boost user interaction and engagement.

• You can get referral traffic and organic traffic from a variety of sources to your website.

• You can repost your articles on, Interest, and other websites.

• You have numerous chances to turn website visitors into subscribers or paying clients.

How to Create, Share, and Publish Outstanding Article Content

When you have a standard operating procedure that works for your company and the users you are attempting to reach, article marketing becomes simple.

Although the specific stages may vary from website to website, they generally go as follows.

1. Select a Topic

Make a list of broad subjects that you think your audience could be interested in. If you just allow yourself the chance to ponder, you’re probably sitting on a treasure-trove of themes, whether you’re a blogger, a business owner, a marketer, or something in between.

2. Carry out a keyword search

You may look up a variety of general themes and discover how many people are searching for that word (or related ones) each month using keyword research tools like Semrush.

3. Write the Article

Depending on your writing experience, writing your essay may be the best or most difficult aspect.

Hiring an SEO writer is one way to guarantee that your material is educational and optimised. However, you can write your material yourself without a problem.

4. Make Content Improvements

The next step is to optimize your content using the greatest on-page SEO techniques.

Your content will be better positioned for success if you follow all the on-page SEO best practices, which will make it simpler for it to rank well in search results and attract Google visitors.

5. Add Media 

It’s time to get inventive once you’ve finished writing the bulk of the piece.

You may now include media in your articles to engage readers, add content, and raise your chances of being found in image or video searches.


So, we have now covered every aspect of using article marketing to boost SEO.

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