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The importance of Upskilling: How it can support graduates in India

What is Upskilling?

The concept of upscaling is best defined as a process whose major objective is to facilitate the continuous learning towards individuals by providing them with the necessary training programs and other development opportunities so that it will help in improving the abilities of the employee. Through the help of upskilling it also becomes possible for employees to reduce or minimize the skill gaps and thereby make them more efficient.

It is very important to highlight that there lies a strict difference between the concept of upskilling and reskilling.  The objective of upskilling is to work towards teaching individuals about new skills so that their performance can be effectively optimized. On the other hand, reskilling refers to training employees so that they can adapt to a newer version of the skills that they already have previous knowledge about.

Why is Upskilling required in India?

One of the major issues that is being faced by the Indian market especially among the newest graduate and undergraduate is the lack of skill training. One of the major reasons that can be highlighted is the inability of the educational sector to provide better practical opportunities to the students that will provide them with the necessary skills. 

The major upskilling skills that have been found to be lacking among the Indian graduates is their ability to become proficient when it comes to problem solving abilities, decision making abilities, learning about leadership and how to implement them, communication and so on. Learning about these skills will provide individuals with an opportunity to increase their employability prospect and also be at par with the latest developments in the industry.

One of the major reasons why Indian students are struggling to get better job opportunities and not be at par with their Western counterparts is a lack of the necessary skill sets as it has been explained above. Through the development of upskilling opportunities it will be possible for students to bring about positive changes to their personality and behavior and improve their skill set so that better job opportunities can be provided to them.

How can online courses support Upskilling?

Online courses have brought forward an educational revolution in India as it has increased exposure for students and professionals and provided them with an opportunity to increase their knowledge base. The Indian market has come a long way from learning how to sell courses online to supporting Students by providing them with the necessary skill sets and training through online education.

Considering the case of upskilling, there have been several new websites found on the web developed by Indian entrepreneurs whose major objective is to work towards providing support to graduates in their final year. The major objective of these online courses is that they intend to improve the skill sets of the graduates and prepare them for better job opportunities. There have also been several entrepreneurs who have come forward and have redefined how to create an online course to specifically address these concerns.

As the traditional educational sector in India is still bringing about changes to their curriculum, the online courses offer the best form of opportunity to individuals looking towards upskilling. The advantage that is associated with online courses is that it provides freedom to the students to learn at their own pace and develop their own schedule. Moreover, they will also be provided with opportunities to work with distinguished individuals who have valuable knowledge and experience to guide them forward.

Benefits of upskilling

The following section highlights the major benefits associated with upskilling.

  • One of the first advantages that it provides is that it helps in improving the personal efficiency and productivity of individuals
  • Prepare them for the real-world scenarios by providing them with the necessary skill set
  • Exposes them to corporate culture and prepare this students on how to manage this culture
  • Provide them with the confidence to take care of challenges and manage work contract
  • Helps in improving the career by boosting engagement as well as retention by making these individuals valuable to any organization.


It can therefore be concluded that upskilling has a significant need in the Indian market so that it can effectively prepare the graduates towards making their abilities to be more employable and providing them with better opportunities in the future. Through the help of online courses graduates of today can effectively achieve this objective and gain better employment opportunities. 

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