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The Top 5 Games That Can Help You Get Better at Speaking English

The process of acquiring English ought to be enjoyable. When we are actively involved in learning, we learn more quickly and effectively and learn more successfully when we use games to make learning more exciting. Adults who speak another language and want to learn English can actually enhance their fluency by playing games. 

That is a highly effective learning technique. You have many choices available to you to select from. Every adult with a childlike spirit can find a pastime that suits them, from traditional board games to modern video games. Here is a list of 5 games you can play with your friends to help improve your English while still having a good time.

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1. FluentU

FluentU gives English learning games a whole new spin. FluentU uses real videos like music videos, movie trailers, news, and motivational talks to make personalized lessons for learning languages. After watching any video on FluentU, you can play word games like hangman, fill in the blank, etc, to learn the words from the video.

You will also get flashcards with pictures to help you remember the words. Points will be awarded for each correct answer you provide. Answer correctly and earn coins every day in a row that you practice on FluentU. Even better, FluentU teaches you while you watch the videos. There are interactive subtitles.

If you click on a word you do not know, FluentU will stop the video and show you a definition that fits the context. You can easily find videos that work for you because they are organized by type and learning level. FluentU will also suggest new videos to watch based on the ones you have already seen. This helps to make the experience feel more tailored to the individual.

2. Bananagrams

Bananagrams is yet another game that allows you to practice correcting English words. It is like a crossword puzzle. More than one person plays this game. A certain number of letter tiles are given to each player. Start putting these letters together to make words that go together. When you have used up all your notes, yell “Peel!” Now, each person must take one more tile from the pile.

Playing this game, you can read, spell, and write English words. In cafes or restaurants, it is easy to play. You could set limits or restrictions on your game to help you learn a specific vocabulary. For instance, you could choose a theme, like food or animals, and only build words that fit that theme.

3. Fishbowl

Fishbowl is another good game for a party. You can use this game to improve your English writing, reading, and speaking skills. To play this game, you need a big group. Everyone writes down three easy English words to start. Then, put every word in a bowl. The game consists of a total of three rounds.

In the first round, teammates take turns trying to pull a word from the bowl and describe it to their teammates, who then have to guess the word. The game is over after one minute. Keep track of the number of words your team got right. Use charades (silent gestures) in the next round to get your teammates to guess the words.

In the last round, you can only use one word to help your teammates guess the word.

This is a fun game that almost helps you forget you’re learning a new language simultaneously.

4. Telephone

To play telephone, you need a group of people who want to learn a language. Everyone is sitting still in a row. The first person comes up with a phrase in English and whispers it to the person next to them. The person then whispers the phrase to the person next to them. This keeps going until the last person in words.

The last person in line repeats the phrase, and everyone determines how much it has changed since the first person. This game gives you a chance to speak and listen in English. It is another fun game for a party to learn a language. So, are you ready to learn a language through games? Turn on your computer or have a party to help people learn a language. 

You can use a lot of different games to improve your fluency. Have fun!

5. Greek to Me

You can find out more about English roots in Greek to Me (the words or word elements, usually from Greek or Latin, that English words were created from). You will play games like those in the Olympics while you answer multiple-choice questions. You will see a root word and an English word that uses that root for each question. You will have to guess what the English word means.

After playing this game, you will be able to spot the roots of common words. This is very helpful because you will not just learn the words in the game. But you will also start to understand other terms with the same root, even if you have not studied them.


Having a routine and suitable materials is essential when you are learning English. But studying can get boring at times. That is why it is okay (and even encouraged!) to play a few games to learn English. But, in the end, you should ensure that the games you use are suitable. Good games will teach you correct English, be fun to play, and be easy to understand.

We gave you five English-learning games that can be played in groups or alone. As you play these and other games to learn English, remember the main point: games for learning English can be helpful, but you should not count on them to teach you English from scratch. 

Games are best used to help you remember what you have already learned from books, flashcards, and other sources. So, go ahead and check out the games we have put together for you and any other good ones you come across. First and foremost, have fun learning English!

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