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The Most Complicated Casino Games

Did you know that casino games were once premised as games that were exclusively meant for the high and mighty in society? However, as decades turned to centuries, they started being adopted by the general population as a pastime. Today, thanks to leading online gambling platforms like Vulkan Vegas, anyone anywhere can relish the intrigues of casino games regardless of their social standing. 

Whichever casino games you enjoy playing or you would like to start playing if you are a newbie, some are considered more difficult than others. It could be because of the strategies that players must use to land a win or the different gameplay mechanics that players must understand to master the game. 


Even if you are a newbie in the casino gaming scene, you must have heard the theory that blackjack is one of the easiest casino games you could ever come across. But, alas, that narrative does not entirely paint an accurate picture of things, which is why the game is first on our list of the most complicated casino games. The player’s main objective in blackjack is to:

  • Best the dealer’s hand by hitting 21 first;
  • Attaining a card value as close to 21 as possible without going over 21;
  • Getting the dealer to bust, i.e., get their card value to go beyond 21;
  • In case the dealer scores 21 or gets close to 21 first, the player loses.

While that may seem simple, believe it or not, the strategies that you must employ to position yourself to win are no mean feat, especially for beginners. It is an intricate and delicate balance that pits the players and the dealer against each other as they fight to outdo one another. All said and done, the simplicity of the blackjack game is what makes it so complicated. That’s because as you play the game, you must be prepared for the scales to tip in a split second with the drawing of a single card. The critical question is, will you come out of this situation with an advantage or a disadvantage?


Most casino movies usually feature a guy in a casino surrounded by beautiful ladies who tries his luck in a game that involves rolling a dice to determine whether this guy is a loser or a winner. More often than not, this cool guy comes out of this tense situation with a resounding smile after somehow rolling the dice accurately to his desired number. As effortless as the game seems, there’s more than meets the eye for this classic casino game. 

For starters, this game comes with many rules; then, there’s a science behind the dice throwing – at least that’s what some people believe. The consensus is that every craps game has a house edge that players can do very little to beat. On the other hand, some people have managed to practice the act of dice control, a skill that gives them an upper hand when playing the game. However, the thing with dice control in craps is that it is a complex skill that requires hours upon hours of practice to pull off. 


A lot goes into winning in a casino game that has earned the mean reputation of being one of the toughest casino games in the world. It is a game that many have claimed to have specific strategies to win. Interestingly, most of these strategies involve actions that you are required to take even before the game has commenced, showing just how tough a nut to crack this casino game is. 

After the game commences, the delicate act of balancing between the bets, odds and probability factors begins. Moreover, if you factor in the variations of the game, ranging from American, European and French roulettes, player advantage and house edge shift, thereby making it a tad more complicated for players to figure things out. 


While the poker game has many variants, they all have some common characteristics that bind them. The 52-card casino game requires a well-thought-out strategy to either wager a bet hoping you have the best hand or pressure your opponents into folding by bluffing that you have the best hand. However, bluffing is a risky venture that could cost you if things do not go according to plan. Nonetheless, the game is about careful planning, reading emotions, knowing when to expose your strong hand and the art of deceit to outmaneuver your opponents.

Practice Makes Perfect

As a rule of thumb, you should never play a casino game that you haven’t understood well enough. No matter how simple or complicated a game may be, it all comes down to practice if you want to sharpen your skill and enjoy better winning chances. 

You could play with friends for fun or go online to practice with demo versions where you won’t part with your money if you lose. And speaking of online casino games, you must remember that stakes are different as some skills like card counting, reading emotions and dice-throwing aren’t applicable. 

Finally, don’t forget to have fun while at it. After all, whether you win or lose, it’s just a game. So, to keep things fun, never wager any amount of money you can’t afford to lose!

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