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How To Promote On Instagram Without Facebook?

Now, it’s possible to run Instagram advertisements without having a Facebook account or a Facebook Business Manager account. Customers could formerly only manage campaigns, execute advertisements, and monitor results through the Business Manager. In the future, consumers will be able to do all of that from Instagram, simplifying operations for this advertising firm. Want to grow your Youtube channel? You can take help from Youtubestorm.

Customers who have already linked their accounts to Facebook or Business Manager are unable to independently conduct Instagram advertising. Instagram advertising cannot be linked to Facebook for those who have not yet joined.

How to run Instagram ads without logging into Facebook or Business Manager?

Ads on Instagram can be run without a Facebook or Business Manager account by following these instructions.

Step 1: Locate the Instagram post you wish to use as an advertisement and select “Promote” from the app.

Customers with professional accounts are the only ones who have access to the promotion option. Change your account from a personal to a business account if you can’t see the “promote” option.

Step 2: Select your location and then press the arrow symbol to move on to the following action.

The landing page where your ad will direct users is the route. These are your three choices:

  • Your Instagram account
  • your web page (you must provide the link)
  • Direct Messages from You (on Instagram)

Step 3: Decide who your target market is.

You can either construct your own audience by manually selecting the region, hobbies, and age of the audience or you can choose to target persons who are similar to your followers.

Step 4: Decide on a budget and time frame.

Your daily spending limit can range from $1 to $1,000. Duration might range from one day to thirty days.

Step 5: Provide your payment information and then select “Promote.”

Select your country and payment type (which will determine the currency in which you will be billed). You can use credit, debit, or PayPal for the latter.

How to Determine Whether or Not Your Instagram Account Is Linked to Facebook?

You may check directly from the app if you’re not sure if your Instagram account is linked to Facebook. Take these actions.

Step 1: Click the three-lined emblem in the top-right corner of your profile.

Step 2: Select “Settings.”

Step 3: Select “Payments.”

Step 4: Select “Promotion Payments”.

Step 5: Find “Your Account.”

You will either see a long list of numbers or a company name under “Your Account.” Your account is not linked to Facebook if you see numbers. If you see a company name, it is related.

Final Words

Ultimately, Instagram has the potential to be a powerful social media platform for promoting your brand and business without Facebook. However, it takes a lot of effort and strategy to go from an Instagram novice to an expert. Hopefully, this guide will help you get started promoting your business properly.

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